10 Best Shopify Scrapers in 2024

5 min readDec 25, 2023

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The Internet has changed the business landscape a lot. With a few clicks, customers can get anything they want in their bedrooms. The trend of online shopping contributes to the fast-paced development of e-commerce platforms. Shopify is one of the giants in this arena. Some reports suggest that there are over 5 million stores on Shopify in addition to millions of customers. Of course, that leads to higher marker competition on Shopify. This is where Shopify scrapers come in to help sellers collect data and find success.

What is Shopify Scraper and Why It Important

Web scraping is a technique to pull data from websites. You can gather information in bulk with a scraper. A Shopify scraper can help you efficiently collect large amounts of data from Shopify stores, including product, pricing, sales performance, reviews, etc., that is used for market analysis, and data-driven business decisions, and eventually help you achieve your success in Shopify.

TOP 10 Shopify Scrapers in 2024

There are many web scraping solutions that can extract data across the Internet, such as web scraping tools, browser extensions, APIs, and coding. Now, let’s check out the top list of Shopify Scrapers for 2024!

Shopify Scraper Software

1. Octoparse

Octoparse is one of the most popular web scraping tools nowadays. Anyone with Octoparse can quickly scraper web data without coding. It offers a series of advanced features to simplify web scraping as well.

The auto-detection function can save you time and effort of perplexingly clicking around with messed-up data results, instead, Octoparse will “guess” what you need and highlight all extractable data for you. Whether you need to scrape product listings on Shopify stores or grab product details like title, description, size, customer feedback, etc from detailed pages, you can create a customized Shopify crawler yourself based on your particular needs with Octoparse. You can schedule a scraper to run automatically every week, day, or hour.

Download Octoprase for free and install it on your device, and then you can enjoy the power of web scraping features from now on! When you first launch Octoparse, you’ll need an account to log in. Just sign up for a free account —…




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