3 Easy Ways to Scrape Data from Website to Excel

5 min readNov 1, 2023

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Whether a digital native or immigrant, you probably know the basic functions of Excel inside out. With Excel, it is easy to accomplish simple tasks like sorting, filtering, and outlining data and making charts based on them. When the data is highly structured, we can even perform advanced data analysis using pivot and regression models in Excel.

But the problem is, how can we extract scalable data and put them into Excel efficiently? This would be an extremely tedious task if done manually by repetitive typing, searching, copying, and pasting. So, how can we achieve automated extraction and scraping of data from websites to Excel? In the following parts, you can learn 3 different solutions with easy steps.

Method 1: Using Web Scraping Tool (No-coding)

Web scraping is the most flexible way to get all kinds of data from a webpage to Excel. Many users may find ithard because they have no idea about coding, however, an easy web scraping tool like Octoparse can help you scrape data from websites to Excel without any coding.

As an easy web scraper, Octoparse provides auto-detecting functions based on AI to extract data automatically. What you need to do is check and make some modifications. You can also use preset scraping templates for popular sites like Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, Google Maps, etc. to get the webpage data with several clicks. What’s more, Octoparse has advanced functions like API access, IP rotation, cloud service, scheduled scraping, etc. to help you get more data.

Please see the simple steps below to extract data from any website into Excel with Octoparse.

3 steps to scrape data from website to Excel

Step 1: Paste target website URL to begin auto-detecting.

After downloading Octoparse and installing iton your device quickly, you can paste the site link you want to scrape and Octoparse will start auto-detecting.

Step 2: Customize the data field you want to extract.

A workflow will be created after auto-detection. You can easily change the data field according to your needs. There will be a Tips panel and you can follow the hints it gives.




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