Businesses across the globe are on a constant hunt for talent. Often, this search for skilled candidates is full of unwanted bumps, lumps, and protuberance. To eliminate this friction recruitment executives turn towards job and career portals. As per this report, 20% of the total hirings happen through job portals. Also, 20% of the job portals are new entrants i.e., less than 2 years old.

With the rise of SaaS, PaaS, and other ready-to-market pre-packaged software tools, the entry barriers to this section of the recruitment industry have significantly reduced. …

Travel rules are currently changing with the Covid case curve. With the disease’s Delta variant, the cases are rising. As I am compiling this article, the EU is considering reimposing travel restrictions on U.S. visitors.

Anyway, I have built my Tripadvisor scraper with Octoparse and crawled down the information of destinations that are open to U.S. citizens. Always get prepared for a refreshing trip.

Note: If you are setting out to these countries, you may want to check if vaccination or quarantine is needed.

By the way, web scraping is definitely the best way to help us pull down the…

Indeed is one of the best job boards in the world. Since its inception in 2004, it has always been a go-to website for many job seekers all over the world. Thousands of jobs across several niches are posted daily and without a doubt, the website is loaded regularly with data.

For those that know about Indeed job scraping, the data on Indeed has proven to be more than valuable. In case you are wondering how to scrape data from Indeed or why you even need this data, this is the article for you.

In this article, we will look…

Octoparse users, how’s your web scraping journey with the software? In late September, version 8.4.2 of the product will be released. Want to know what’s new about the coming latest version? Keep reading!

1. Zapier integration

In version 8.4.2, you can auto-export your cloud data with Zapier to Google Drive, Google Sheet, and more software.

Find more information here and have a try.

2. Scrape while scrolling within a certain section

Take Google Maps as an example. You can enter the webpage and scrape the search results only using this feature in version 8.4.2. The feature can be implemented by setting up the Xpath.

If you are looking for a Shopify product scraper, Octoparse is the best pick. With this no-code web scraping tool, you will be able to crawl product data from any Shopify store into spreadsheets for further use.

Get Shopify Product Data

  • Product name
  • Page Url
  • Price
  • Description

As the product data is presented in a structured format, it can be easily recognized by the robot and within a few clicks, we can bulk scrape them. With this data at hand, conducting a market analysis or product research could be a lot easier.


This article gives an overall introduction to aggregator websites — what it is, how it makes money, how to gather web data to build one, and the top aggregator website examples existing on the Internet. If you are building your website or looking for ideas to start a side hustle, stay with me. You may find new ideas spring to your mind.

What’s An Aggregator Website

Building a website might be an intimidating job for a newbie. If this is what you are worried about, well it shall not now.

No-code tools have made many things understandable and easy to act on. Stay with…

Amazon is an e-commerce giant with 12 million+ products and 200 million unique US visitors per month. A news giant reported:

  • 55% of the shoppers start their online shopping journey on Amazon, and
  • 90% of shoppers visiting a retailer’s page would compare the prices with the selection on Amazon.

Wow! Those are mesmerizing stats. No doubt why Amazon rules digital commerce. But how are these stats significant to your business? Chances are your buyers are comparing your product’s prices with that of your competitors and maybe with your own product’s Amazon prices if you’re on Amazon as a seller. Are…

XPath expressions help you easily navigate XML/HTML documents. As you may notice, web scraping is all about parsing through HTML documents. In this regard, XPath is quite handy in web scraping projects as it enables you to programmatically access HTML elements, locate data, and extract useful data. CSS selectors are one of the XPath alternatives, but XPaths are far more versatile than CSS selectors when it comes to navigating the DOM (document object model). Read this insight to understand:

  • XPath in detail,
  • Its significance in the scraping world,
  • How to find XPath if you’ve no prior knowledge of XPath,
  • A…

Web scraping is a way to extract data from the web using automation tools & technologies. Previously, businesses have been very casual with web data collection. But with the onset of GDPR regulations, due diligence concerning data extraction is a must. Recently, Poland imposed a Euro 220,000 fine on an organization that collected data of around 7 Million people but failed to inform them (informing individuals is a rule under Article 14 of GDPR). Also, a few months back, French DPA issued guidance related to commercial web scraping. So, we thought of explaining what GDPR means and why it matters…

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With the number of online shoppers on the rise, customers gradually adapt to the eCommerce model and become more discerning. The shift in buying behavior certainly creates more opportunities yet challenges for drop shippers. To most drop-ship business owners, now the question is, how to level up your business to stand out from the competition and continuously get more customers?

You probably sniff the new trend — D2C (Direct-to-customers). Even though the term has been floating around for a couple of years, few people paid attention until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. …


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