A Full Guide on Scraping Google Scholar Data

5 min readNov 13, 2023

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In academics, nothing seems more helpful for the students, researchers, and faculty members to get enough information for research than Google Scholar. Various features make this search engine handier and real lifesavers, such as its academic literature, forward citations, and auto-generated Bib TeX.

At times, when you need a big chunk of data from Google Scholar, you can’t do that due to some of its restrictions. You can use web scraping to extract content from Google Scholar to search for the bulk of scholarly articles and various academic resources.

If you are eager to get them, stick to this guide. This will pave the way for you to scrape Google Scholar data into a more convenient methodology.

Can You Scrape Google Scholar

Yes, Google Scholar can be scrapped easily. While it may seem somewhat tricky, it can be done if you get a reliable Google Scholar scraper to extract academic literature with no hassle.

However, you should pay attention to your local laws about data scraping. copyright or privacy for the use of this data.

What data can be extracted from Google Scholar

You can fetch huge amounts of data from Google Scholar, which includes research papers, and automatically builds a database of forward & backward citations, and various academic resources, i.e., ResearchGate, academic social networking sites, and more.

Is there an API for Google Scholar

Google Scholar does not provide official API access for web scraping. The robot.txt of this search engine forbids web scrapers from scraping most pages. It should be accessed by its bots or other third-party APIs and is impermissible for this action. However, you will get a CAPTCHA to clear out if you request to reach out on such certain information.

How to Scrape Google Scholar Without Coding

To scrape Google Scholar data, there is an immense need to learn difficult coding languages. However, you can use Octoparse, which can help you scrape Google Scholar data into Excel without coding. Octoparse can scrape the web page automatically, and you can apply advanced functions like pagination, loop, Ajax timeout, etc.




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