Effortlessly Scrape Shopee Data Without Coding Skills

4 min readMay 19

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Do you want to start your own E-commerce shop? It means you have to know all the dimensions of product marketing to generate more sales. For this, if you scrap an E-commerce website, you can keenly analyze a lot of necessary information relevant to your niche.

By the way, there are numerous sites available online for scraping. However, Shopee is among the leading names in the E-commerce world. Shopee scraper lets you collect a wide range of data according to regional localization. This guide will prove to be handy because of why you have to scrape Shopee data, how to do it, which tool performs best for scraping, and various other info is going to be mentioned here. Then scroll down and get the secret scribes to scrap the Shopee website.

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Can I Scrape Shopee

Shopee is one of the popular and leading E-commerce platforms, launched in 2015 in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, entailing various regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Argentina, Poland, Colombia, Chile.

It connects sellers and buyers by providing various products, from electronics to fashion and others. Being a dynamic marketplace, it allows its consumers to scrape its data as per its particular policies.

What data can be scraped from Shopee

From Shopee, you will find an open door to scrape product prices, IDs, brands, descriptions, ratings, and other data using an efficient but unofficial API. You can scrape the data from Shopee with all the minor to major info like:

  • Product Details: images, descriptions, seller info, listing time, and many more.
  • Search Results: any particular search result can be scraped via keywords.
  • Product Categories: scrape any product category along with pagination.
  • Max Page Numbers: easy to scrap with a maximum number of pages, enough if you want.
  • Customer Reviews: All customer reviews can be scraped to analyze the customer’s choice.

Does Shopee have a public API


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