Harness the Power of Web Scraping on Newegg

4 min readMay 26

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If you are looking for product data, there are several e-commerce companies accessible on the market. Some e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and AliExpress, sell items across all market segments. Others are narrowly focused because they only sell items in certain market segments.

The Newegg e-commerce marketplace is well-known for retailing computer equipment and consumer goods, and it could be a good source of information for such market areas. Unfortunately, Newegg does not offer an API that would allow interested consumers to get the data they require. If you want to extract that data, then you have to do that on your own which could be quite troublesome.

Web scrapers allow you to do these tasks swiftly and efficiently without losing time or quality. This guide will show you how to scrape Newegg to collect product data from several Newegg product categories without any coding knowledge.

Can You Scrape Newegg

Newegg does not support the usage of third-party site scrapers. You may not use any automated methods to obtain information from this site unless the software you are using is capable of remaining undiscovered. This is due to its robust anti-spam system, which can screen out low-quality web scrapers with no anti-detection capabilities. Hence, using a good web scraper is recommended as it can easily pass all the defense mechanisms that a website uses to keep scrapers out.

Before we show you how to scrape Newegg, let’s discuss the type of data that you can scrape from it and the benefits of scraping Newegg.

Newegg Introduction

Newegg is the world’s biggest e-commerce solution, providing retail marketing and a digital commerce system specializing in IT computer parts, consumer tech devices, multimedia, smart home appliances, and gaming items, as well as third-party logistical services.

Types of data that can be scraped from Newegg

You can scrape a variety of information from Newegg like product name, product description, pricing, supplier details, reviews & ratings left by consumers, and offers and discounts running on the products during certain seasons or sales which can be used by other businesses to create their marketing strategies, etc.


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