How to Extract Google Maps Coordinates

4 min readNov 7, 2023

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Have you ever thought you could make money by knowing how many restaurants there are in a square mile? There is no free lunch, however, if you know how to use Google Maps, you can extract and collect the restaurant’s GPS and store them in your own database.

By reading this article, you can learn about how to find the latitude and longitude on Google Maps, also the easy method to extract Google Maps coordinates.

How to Get Google Maps Latitude and Longitude

Sometimes, you may be curious about the accurate location of someplace or you need to share it with your friends. Finding the latitude and longitude on Google Maps will be a good choice. Here are some simple steps on how to get coordinates from Google Maps on Android, iPhone/iPad, and computer.

1. How to Find the Coordinates of a Place on Your Computer

First, open Google Maps on your computer, and right-click the place you want to get coordinates. A pop-up window will show, and you can find the latitude and longitude on the top. Left-click and copy them automatically.

2. Get Google Maps GPS Coordinates on Android/iPhone

Touch and hold an area of the map that isn’t labeled to drop a red pin after opening the Google Maps app on your Android phone or iPhone device. If you’re an Android user, you can find the coordinates in the search box. For iPhone, tap the Dropped pin to find the coordinates at the bottom.

You can read Google’s official tutorial to get more information about finding and entering coordinates on Google Maps.

Steps to Extract Google Maps Coordinates

You may notice that the coordinates are hidden inside the URLs. In this case, we need to extract the URL and use Regular Expression to find the exact matching text string we are looking for. Let’s take the Space Needle landmark in Seattle as an example.

Run Octoparse Google Maps Scraper

First, open Google Maps in your browser and type “Space Needle” in the search bar. After the page finishes loading, look for the coordinates in the URL. The coordinates are located behind the “@” sign.

Next, we can start to extract the URL. The Google Maps coordinates extractor…




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