Indeed Scraper: How to Scrape Indeed Job Postings Easily

3 min readNov 16, 2023

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Indeed, it is one of the top job sites where people across the globe look for job postings in different sectors and companies. With job postings updated regularly on the site, the data is huge and if you wish to collect this data to create a job board, comparison, market analysis, or any other purpose, doing it manually is practically impossible.

We'll introduce the best Indeed scrapers and other methods to scrape Indeed job posting data easily, both coding and non-coding.

Does Indeed Allow Web Scraping

Yes, Indeed allows scraping where job data from the site can be extracted using Indeed API. The data extracted can be used for Indeed analyzing data assessments. Though using Indeed API manual data extraction can be done, the process is not only time-consuming, and hassle, but also expensive. Here, a third-party data scraper works as a cost-effective and easier method to get the desired data from the site. However, you should pay attention to avoiding personal data collection and illegal data usage.

Scrape Indeed Data Like Jobs, Salaries, and Company Reviews

Using a professional scraping tool that allows quick data extraction from Indeed, we suggest Octoparse. The software works on both Windows and Mac systems. This allows extracting almost all the needed data from Indeed like jobs, salaries, reviews of the companies, etc. You can also use the advanced functions with AJAX, XPath, infinite scrolling, pagination, Cloud service, IP rotation, etc. Or you can just use the auto-detection mode or the preset Indeed templates to finish the process almost automatically.

Steps for Indeed web scraping with Octoparse

Step 1: Launch Octoparse and paste the Indeed site link

Open Octoparse after you have downloaded and installed it on your device. Paste the link you need to scrape from Indeed to the main interface of Octoparse and proceed.

Step 2: Customize workflow with pagination




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