Octoparse RPA: More Than Just Web Scraping

4 min readNov 15, 2023

Originally published as https://reurl.cc/Ry73ox

Octoparse is fantastic, but let’s face it — it has its quirks. Have you ever struggled to export scraped data from Octoparse to platforms like Dropbox, WordPress, or Shopify? Have you ever felt limited by Octoparse’s keyword input restrictions and the absence of a feature to monitor and export only the newly captured data? Yes, the list goes on and on. We’ve listened to your feedback and built a game-changing Octoparse RPA.

What is Octoparse RPA and how does it work?

Having a data scraping tool is fantastic, but what if it could do more than scrape? Octoparse has answered that “what if” with Octoparse RPA — a nifty Robotic Process Automation tool. It’s not just your regular web automation sidekick; it’s the superhero of all automation, from web data scraping to desktop, documenting, and Excel automation.

Octoparse RPA mimics human computer operations. It records every move, clicks, and key press, turning them into a sleek automation dance. There is no need to worry about complex configurations — Octoparse RPA has commands ready to roll, making automation across different software a breeze.

Ways Octoparse RPA can make web scraping (and your life) easier

Octoparse RPA steps up to fill the gaps and supplement where Octoparse struggles. Here are just a few ideas to shed some light on what could have been done smarter.

Data Scraping

Stuck in Octoparse? Here’s how the Octoparse RPA might be able to enrich your scraping experience.

  • Download files that do not have a direct download link to their HTML code;
  • Go limitless with the number of parameters you can input into the scraping templates each time (like account URLs for Twitter’s template);
  • Use your own browsers for web scraping to fly under the radar of most anti-bot measures;
  • Extract data from files, desktop applications, and not just webpages;
  • Batch clear and batch export data for streamlined processing;
  • Automatically update target URLs, text inputs…




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