Revamp Your Supplier Search on AliExpress with Data Scraping and Cleansing

6 min readMay 10

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Do you know where to find suppliers for your e-commerce business? You may check out AliExpress. As a top global online e-commerce platform for both retail and wholesale, many sellers on Amazon and Shopify have stocked from this platform.

This article will introduce how you can use data to find reliable suppliers on AliExpress.

Taking “toy car” as an example, we will guide you step by step to extract data, including suppliers, products, prices, ratings, and the number sold on AliExpress. Then, filter the scraped data to get the average price and rating for each supplier, as well as the total amount sold. When you have this information in hand, you can easily see which of the suppliers are dependable and suitable for your business.

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Why scrape data from AliExpress

There are more than 100 million listing products on AliExpress. Everything you need in daily life can be found there, such as cell phones, clothes, toys, surveillance devices, etc. You can collect prices, ratings, reviews, and supplier information from it, as much as you can grab from Amazon or Shopify.

AliExpress differs from other e-commerce platforms in that it allows you to track product sales when the majority of the other platforms do not. This data can be quite valuable for us to identify market trends and potential suppliers, and finally, develop a deeper understanding of the products and the market.

Scrape data by Octoparse

Octoparse is a no-code web crawler that makes data scraping easier and faster without having you to code. If this is your first time using this tool, you can go to Octoparse to download the software and install it on your device, then sign up for a free account to log in.

Step 1: Create a new task

Enter the target URL below into the search bar, and click “Start”. Then the page will then be loaded in Octoparse built-in browser after seconds.

Target URL…


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