The Definitive Guide to Scraping Yahoo Finance for Powerful Insights

4 min readMay 24

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In the world of business, the financial health of a company is crucial. This information is provided to the public through various platforms and forums. Yahoo Finance is one of the most popularly used web media to view and extract financial details of companies around the world. In this article, we’ll introduce the best Yahoo Finance scraper to scrape Yahoo Finance easily and quickly.

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Does Yahoo Finance Allow Scraping

In short, yes. Most of the data available on the Yahoo Finance website is open-source and public information. This information consists of the following main parts.

  • News updates on stock markets
  • Current Stock prices of companies
  • The trend of rising or falling of a company’s stock prices.
  • Mutual Funds and ETFs
  • Value of currencies and even cryptocurrencies

Scraping the above information can be of paramount usage to businesses. In the business market, analyzing this data can produce information required to improve business strategies.

How to Scrape Yahoo Finance Data Without Coding

There are multiple ways you can scrape Yahoo Finance. Some of them require no coding knowledge. Tools and software are available online for web scraping. Here we’ll introduce Octoparse, which is a user-friendly web crawler tool. It is one of the most widely used, open-source software and is free. It extracts bulk data from multiple websites and supports up to 10,000 links in one go.

Octoparse can auto-detect data from the Yahoo Finance site, it also has preset templates for you to scrape data within only a few clicks. It allows you to export the extracted data in multiple formats, including Excel, CVS, and databases. You can use the scheduled scraping for your tasks hourly, daily, or weekly.

Steps to scrape data from Yahoo Finance


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