Top 10 Price Monitoring Tool in 2019

5 min readAug 12, 2019

Nowadays, people review and compare products and services online before they make the purchase. It is obvious that how user experience is crucial for companies to keep existing customers over time. However, price is the driving factor, especially for first-time buyers. That being said, price monitoring is critical for your business.

What is price monitoring?

Price monitoring, also called price intelligence or competitive price monitoring, is the analysis of internal and external (the historical and real-time competitor’s prices) variables prices in order to optimize one’s pricing strategy.

How does price monitoring help with the business?

Monitoring your pricing history can help to reflect the market strategy. Along with the product rotation and brand value, price monitoring can help to make the best pricing strategy and maximize the profit.

Competitive price monitoring allows you to obtain competitors’ information. This is essential in a market report. Based on collected information, like product-price ratio and your target group, you will have an idea about your market positioning.

This article will introduce the best price monitoring tools, I also categorize these tools for you to choose easier.

#2 Price monitoring platform/software

The web scraping tool is the most cost-efficient for small and middle-size businesses with a limited budget. Comparing to a price monitoring software, the advantages of a web scraping tool are:

Multi-scenario: Besides price monitoring, a web scraping tool can also be used in lead generation, risk management, academic research, and market analysis

Multi-industry: In addition, a web scraping tool can also be used in many industries including real-estate, hospitality, consultancy and more. Rather, a price monitoring software is more unilateral which can only be used in e-commerce.

Type: Client | Price: from $250 per month | Free Trial: Free 30-Day Trial

Use case: Tracking Your Competitors with Price Monitoring

Type: Add-on Extension | Price: Customized($299~$9999) | Free Trial: N/A




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