Web Data Extraction: The Definitive Guide 2020

7 min readSep 14, 2020

Web data extraction is gaining popularity as one of the great ways to collect useful data to fuel the business cost-effectively. Although web data extraction has existed for quite some time, it has never been as heavily used, or as reliable as it is today. This guide aims to help web scraping beginners to get a general idea of web data extraction.

Table of Contents What is web data extraction + Benefits of web data extraction

  • E-commerce price monitoring
  • Marketing analysis
  • Lead generation

How does web data extraction work + Web data extraction for non-programmers Legal aspects of web data extraction Conclusions What is web data extraction

Web data extraction is a practice of massive data copying done by bots. It has many names, depending on how people would like to call it, web scraping, data scraping, web crawling, to name a few. The data extracted(copied) from the internet can be saved to a file in your computer, or database.

Benefits of web data extraction

Businesses can get a load of benefits from web data extraction. It can be used more widely than you expect, but it would suffice to point out how it is used in a few areas.

1. E-commerce price monitoring

The importance of price monitoring speaks for itself, especially when you sell items on an online marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, etc. These platforms are transparent, that is, buyers, also any one of your competitors, have easy access to prices, inventory, reviews and all kinds of information for each store. which means you can’t just focus on the price but also need to keep an eye on other aspects of your competitors. Hence in addition to prices, there are more available for you to dig into. Price monitoring may be more than prices.

Most retailers and e-commerce vendors try to put as much information about their products online as possible. This is helpful for buyers to evaluate, but also is too much exposure for the store owners because with such information, competitors can get a glimpse of how you run your business. Fortunately, you can use these data to do the same thing.

You should gather information such as price, inventory levels, discounts, product turnover, new items added, new locations added, product category ASP, etc, from your competitors as well. With…




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