Zillow Scraper: Scrape Zillow Real Estate Data for Free

5 min readNov 9, 2023

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Zillow is one of the most popular websites used to search for homes, check home values, and find real estate agents. It also has a lot of data about local homes, their prices, and the realtors. That’s why scraping Zillow data is great for your tools and third-party applications for commercial real estate needs.

In the following part, you can learn about how to extract data from Zillow easily and quickly with a no-coding Zillow data scraper.

Can You Scrape Zillow Data

Scraping Zillow for real estate information is one of the latest trends in home buying, and it can give you a competitive edge if used wisely. Before jumping into Zillow, there are regulations that you need to follow when scraping that website so that you don’t violate any ethical or legal boundaries. Web scraping the available data on the screen when you search for houses in a geographical location isn’t illegal.

The information is available to anyone who has internet access and can view the website on a browser. Zillow has also provided the use of its data through its very own API. This facilitates one to commercially integrate with the Zillow group in the real estate business market. Usage of Zillow API is the best way to access the information commercially without violating the ethics and policies of Zillow.

The data you can scrape from Zillow contains information about the list of houses for sale in any city in their database which includes addresses, the number of bedrooms, no of bathrooms, price, and many more. The extracted data can be exported in various formats like .csv, .txt, .xlsx, and your own database.

How to Scrape Zillow Without Coding

In this part, we will tell you how to scrape data from Zillow without any coding. The objective is to get details of the address, price, listing name, the assigned realtor, and all the information made available to view on the website. For this, we will be using the web scraping tool, Octoparse.




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